#Microposts2016 — 6th Workshop on Making Sense of Microposts

Making Sense of Microposts (#Microposts2016)

Big things come in small packages

(Computational) Social Science Track


Theme: Making Sense of Microposts: Big things come in small packages

The #Microposts workshops aim to bring together researchers from multiple disciplines to debate current, leading edge effort toward analysing and understanding Microposts - "information published on the Web that is small in size and requires minimal effort to publish. Microposts include tweets (using plain text or with embedded links and objects); social network endorsement using Instagram hearts; check-ins via Facebook and Foursquare, pins on Pinterest; links to brief, pre-recorded and streaming video via Snapchat and Meerkat. Although individual Microposts are small and therefore typically focus on a single thought, message or theme, collectively they provide a rich source of information and opinion about a range of topics. Among others, the (Computational) Social Science track will examine the human in Micropost data generation and analysis; we encourage submissions that look at understanding how situation and context, and social and cultural phenomena and language drive individual and collective publication of Microposts, whether targeted at the general public, a specific person or other entity, e.g. a ruling government or a cause. The workshop aims to continue to provide a forum to enable discussion and hence, improve understanding of the generation and reuse of Micropost data, and discuss application of the knowledge thus derived in a variety of contexts, including crowd movement, mass communication, and its influence on citizen empowerment and the formatino of opinion and sentiment.

Topics of Interest

The (Computational) Social Sciences track at #Microposts2016 will focus on topics including, but not exclusive to:

Additionally, the topics for the main track include areas of interest to the Social Sciences community, regarding obtaining understanding about, discovering the knowledge content of and application of Micropost data.

Award Sponsor

GESIS A prize of € 300, generously sponsored by GESIS, will be awarded to the best submission. GESIS, the Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, is the largest service and infrastructure institution for the Social Sciences in Germany. By teaming up with GESIS to support the Social Sciences track, the #Microposts workshop organisers wish to highlight the role of interdisciplinary approaches for better understanding of the users behind social media and Microposts.


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Track Chair

Katrin Weller, GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Programme Committee

Gholam R. Amin, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Julie Birkholz, CHEGG, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
Jordan Carpenter, University of Pennsylvania, USA
A. Seza Doğruöz, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Fabio Giglietto, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy
Athina Karatzogianni, University of Leicester, UK
José M. Morales del Castillo, El Colegio de México, Mexico
Raquel Recuero, Universidade Católica de Pelotas, Brazil
Luca Rossi, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy
Victoria Uren, Aston Business School, UK
Alistair Willis, The Open University, UK

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